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E 1056 Incubators Capacity 1056 Eggs

For hatching to be successful, cooling of the incubator is just as important as heating. From day 10 or 12 of the hatching period, the embryos become exothermic and start to produce heat. To maintain the desired temperatures, therefore, the incubator requires cooling. The 1056 egg incubator comes equipped with two powerful fans that allow slow cyclic air circulation inside the incubator to maintain desired temperatures and reduce humidity.

The advanced cooling control system automatically adjusts when temperatures are high to ensure more cool air circulates in the incubator. This reduces potential danger to the embryos. The humidification and heating chambers are separated from each other which plays a major role in ensuring the right conditions inside the incubator are maintained.

The 1056 egg incubators come with superior insulation maintained by the double glazed walls. These walls are extremely effective at maintaining required temperatures inside the unit. This double insulation also uses less energy since loss is minimal so the unit spends little energy saving you on costs.


This feature packed unit also comes with the following important features;

  • It has a large observation window on the door. The observation window is double-glass to ensure there is no heat loss.
  • The digital control is intuitive and easy to use.
  • The incubator comes with automatic egg turning technology that turns all eggs as required. This saves you a lot on labor input.
  • There are also alarms for low or high temperatures so the embryos are never at risk.
  • This incubator has an impressive 98% hatch rate meaning giving you outstanding returns on your investment.
  • With an industry leading one-year warranty, you can rest assured that your unit is a quality one. Plus, we also have spares and after sale service experts to help you out when in need.

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