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E 128 Incubators Capacity 128 Eggs

This 128 egg incubator is ideal for small scale farmers. Temperature control is a very important aspect of the incubation process and this incubator makes it extremely easy for you. The incubator allows you to easily set the temperatures using the digital control to any required temperature. The digital control allows you to set the temperatures with a high degree of precision.

What’s more, once the temperature is preconfigured, you do not have to worry about adjusting the temperature again. The incubator automatically maintains the desired temperatures without any more effort on your end. The automatic egg turning also takes off the worry off your end. It turns the eggs by 45 degrees every two hours to ensure every part of the yolk gets the heat for proper setting and hatching. You can set the frequency of the egg turns using the digital controls.

The 128 egg incubator offers a wide temperature range therefore it can be used both as a setter and a hatcher. Besides being very good at temperature control, this 128 egg incubator is also packed with other important features. Here are some of the other features you will enjoy.


  • The incubator comes with an integrated fan that ensures even temperature distribution and proper air circulation inside the incubator.
  • This incubator impresses with the low power requirements of only 80 Watts. This means more savings for you.
  • The control panel is very intuitive and user friendly. It can be operated quite easily by anyone.
  • The walls of the incubator are transparent so you can easily inspect the hatching process without opening the lid.
  • The egg trays are arranged in two layers which allows you to set the eggs in stages depending on when you want them to hatch.
  • It can be powered by electricity, solar and batteries.

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