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Selecting the Best Egg Incubator

In the urban jungle that we live in, we sometimes lose touch with mother-nature. Many urban settlers have started realizing the lack of connection and started picking up hobbies that involve nature in their routine. One such hobby is in-house poultries. People who have space do a bit of poultry farming in their homes.
In an urban environment, it is essential to get tools that can help recreate a natural habitat for the animals. The most important of those tools is an egg incubator. Poultry hobbyists must have egg incubators.

Choosing the right Size

Egg incubators come in different layouts and sizes. A minimum of 60 egg incubators is a must for an urban setting. You can have up to a 300 egg incubator if you want. Having an incubator machine bigger than that is not advisable.


Egg incubators for hobbyists are feature loaded. An egg hatching incubator's price depends greatly on its features. Solar egg incubators are quick sellers because of the alternate power option.
The PID controller has many sensors attached to it. Moisture control, heat control, and many other environment management options are available. The best part of a hatcher and setter is that it turns the eggs automatically. The multi-tray egg hatching machines give equal quality incubation to each and every egg.

Smart Settings

Most technology has become smart with years of data. Egg incubators have become better in the same way. Most egg hatching machines have a very negligible wastage. Only 1 to 2 percent of eggs don’t hatch. This is due to smart controls and smart design. Proper insulation, energy-efficient designs, and advanced environmental controls have made egg incubators a must-have.


The egg incubator price in Kenya is relatively lower than in other countries because it is an agricultural country. The other main reason is always a second-hand incubator for sale. To start the hobby, people prefer second-hand purchases unless the price difference is not that big.

Best Models

Different companies make these incubators. The best in the market are eco-chicks solar incubators. The best type of incubator is available with a calibrated PID controller. This helps in regulating and monitoring very easily.
The best models for enthusiasts are the E series models. They are compact and have many functionalities. The models usually have multiple power inputs. The biggest advantage of alternate power options is that your batch can never get spoiled. The recommended sizes in the series for a hobbyist are E128 or E192. The numbers reflect the egg storage capacity for hatching chicken eggs.


Automatic egg incubators for sale are available all around the country. As a hobbyist, you can spend a lot of money on high-end products and buy solar egg incubators. The best part is that the more featured machine you buy, the more you will enjoy. If you are on a budget, you can always find budget-friendly deals.
There are always incubators for sale in urban areas and have significant farmer communities.

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