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E 300 Incubators Capacity 300 Eggs

The 300 egg incubator is capable of holding 300 chicken sized eggs and almost 600 quail sized eggs. This incubator comes in a cabinet like design with one door that reveals the shelves inside. The door has a big observation window that allows you to keep tabs of the happenings inside the incubator without opening the door. To incubator also comes with an open-door detector that which activates extra heating to compensate for heat loss when the door is opened. As such, the desired temperatures are maintained all through.

The incubation parameters for the 300 egg incubator are easy to control using the purpose-built control system. The incubator also comes with quality sensors that ensure the desired conditions inside the incubator are maintained throughout for a high hatch rate. And due to all of these features the incubator is able to achieve a hatch rate of over 90 percent.

This 300 egg incubator comes with an inbuilt humidification system that ensures the right levels of moisture are maintained inside the incubator. This prevents antibacterial growth inside the incubator. This ensures the health of your eggs and consequently a good hatch rate. The variable air vents ensure proper and easy air circulation inside the incubator for perfect incubation conditions.


  • Built in LED light makes it easy to view all the eggs in the different trays.
  • The incubator comes with built in combination trays so it is used as booth a settler and hatcher.
  • It comes with an integrated simple control panel that is super easy to use.
  • The digital humidity control and display allows easy control of humidity inside the incubator.
  • Automatic egg turning makes operation easy and ensures a high hatch rate. You can set the turning interval as desired through the control panel.

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