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E 3168 Incubators Capacity 3168 Eggs

The 3168 egg incubator is ideal for intensive poultry farmers that want an incubator that offers them more. This incubator is fully automatic meaning that issues of temperature, humidity and egg turning are fully taken care of by the incubator. You only need to set the parameters as required and the incubator will do everything else for you.

The technology used in this incubator is impressive. The controls are easy to use and highly precise. This means that those temperature and humidity settings you set are achieved to the high accuracy of a decimal. Inside are two powerful fans with the ability to rapidly cool the incubator when need be. They are also responsible for air circulation and humidification of the unit.

The heaters are state-of-the art and do not use up a lot of power to heat up this big unit. Further, the incubator is double insulated to preserve heat inside the incubator and reduce power consumption even further. The egg trays are arranged in a double format that leads to a form-factor that is not too bulky for an incubator this capacity. It is not too wide or too tall and fits perfectly in many spaces.


  • Fully automatic incubator reducing the need for manual labor and input on your end
  • Has two powerful fans that ensure temperature and humidity are evenly distributed throughout the incubator.
  • Advanced cooling and humidity control to ensure optimal conditions are maintained in the incubator at all times.
  • Easy to use, precise and reliable temperature control system for optimal performance
  • Double insulation to maintain interior temperatures and reduce power costs.
  • The unit comes equipped with all required accessories and even more, for the best performance.
  • Smooth interiors and easy to clean parts ensure it is easy to maintain a clean incubator to ensure the health of the eggs.

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