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528 Eggs

Closed Incubators
Price: KSH 70,000

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Price: KSH 70,000

E 528 Incubators Capacity 528 Eggs

The 528 egg incubator is an amazing investment for farmers that are interested in intensive poultry farming but limited on space. However, an investment in this incubator is not limiting because you enjoy all the amazing features of the other bigger incubators than this one. This incubator comes in a cabinet-like design with a fully protected steel chassis that is durable and rust free. The chassis is laminated with high-quality plastic sides which provide good thermal insulation and smooth, easy to clean surfaces.

Besides having a strong and durable build, the 528 egg incubator also comes with high-tech controls that ensure the optimal conditions are maintained inside. The incubator is fully automatic with much more than just egg turning technology. It also comes with alarm settings that inform you when conditions are below optimal. This ensures you will never miss anything so your eggs do not go to waste.

To make your investment even more worthwhile, we include the accessories you need with your purchase. We include drinkers, feeders, cables, water bottles and other accessories to make your work easier.


Here are some more amazing features of the 528 egg incubator

  • It comes with a digital temperature display and control with a variable temperature range.
  • The incubator has automatic egg turning with adjustable turning interval to suit your needs.
  • The double cabinet doors allow you access to the humidification chamber without opening the egg hatching chamber which maintains temperatures
  • High and low temperature alarms.
  • The automatic cooling system mimics the natural way a mother would sit on eggs by allowing automatic duration setting for cooling after which the temperature resumes to set temperatures.
  • Strong and durable fan ensures even cooling throughout the entire incubator when filled to capacity. This ensures a good hatch rate.

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