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E 5280 Incubators Capacity 5280 Eggs

This commercial grade 5280 egg incubator is ideal for big poultry enterprises with a huge demand for chicks. This incubator is capable of producing over 5000 eggs each time since it attains a high hatch rate of over 90%. Hatching this many eggs is not an easy feat. It requires a sound investment in an incubator that performs to the very best. That is what our 5280 egg incubator does.

This fully automatic incubator allows turns all the eggs automatically without any input on your end. You can even choose how many times you want the eggs to turn in a day or the interval of turning. That is not all, to ensure proper temperatures, the egg incubator is equipped with efficient heaters that deliver lots of heat without draining too much electricity. The double insulation on all the sides and doors of the incubator further ensures there is no heat loss and desired temperatures are maintained in the incubator to enhance the hatch rate.

Besides, the 5280 egg incubator is also fully automatic cooling. This feature is important for an incubator of this magnitude. This is because as the embryos become exothermic the temperatures inside the incubator can become so high putting the embryos at risk. This incubator is very well cooled to ensure this doesn’t happen.


  • Full automatic temperature, humidity and cooling control. No labor input needed to observe the incubator at all times.
  • Emergency system for connection with a backup generator for when power runs out.
  • Over 98% hatching rate ensuring you quick return on your investment by giving you maximum chicks every time.
  • Full automatic alarming for important parameters like high or low temperatures so your eggs are always protected.
  • Automatic egg turning ensures the eggs ar heated completely as needed for development of the embryo. It also minimizes manual handling which can cause problems.

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