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E 64 Incubators Capacity 64 Eggs

Our 64 egg incubator is an exceptional product in its range. It comes with some exceptional features that you will find in the big capacity incubators. Do not let the size fool you, this incubator comes with a double layer tray that allows you to set the eggs in stages depending on how you need them to hatch.

This 64 egg incubator is also used both as a setter and hatcher. Therefore, you do not need to transfer the eggs during incubation. This ensures a good hatch rate and reduces damage of the eggs. It also saves you money since you do not have to buy both a setter and a hatcher.

For ease of use and accuracy, this 64 egg incubator comes with a calibrated PID controller that is very easy to read and use. Also, the controller is high tech and therefore very accurate. You can get the settings right to a decimal of a degree with this incubator to ensure optimal results are achieved.


The feature packed 64 egg incubator comes with the following beneficial features;

  • The incubator is fully automatic. No need to manually turn the eggs or worry about internal temperatures.
  • The incubator is highly insulated using durable Styrofoam. It is therefore able to preserve heat during a power blackout.
  • The incubator comes with separate heating and humidification chambers to ensure even distribution of heat and humidity throughout the incubator.
  • The eggs are turned using state-of-the art roller turning technology that ensures all the eggs turn every time.
  • Can be used with either solar, electricity or battery since it is AC, DC ready.
  • Has an impressive hatch rate of 98% which can even be higher when the conditions are good and your eggs were fertile and healthy.

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