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Egg incubators are used to hatch eggs. The most commonly hatched eggs using incubators are chicken eggs although other people use incubators to hatch ducks and other birds. Investing in an egg incubator is a great way to boost your poultry business. You are able to completely eliminate the cost of buying new chicks. Also, since you are hatching your own chicks you can be sure of the health of the chicks you will hatch.

But, egg incubators are not only for poultry businesses. Most of the farmers in Kenya are small scale farmers with less than 100 birds. These farmers too who keep poultry in small scale can also benefit from egg incubators. There are small incubators with capacities of 48, 56, 128 and 300 eggs that are highly affordable and suitable for hobbyists and small scale poultry farmers.

Choosing the right egg incubator

There is a vast amount of egg incubators for sale in Kenya with some offering more benefits than others. Research is critical and you need to get the basics right before you can land the perfect egg incubator for your needs. Here are some of the considerations to have in mind.

The number of eggs

Egg incubators for sale in Kenya, come in different capacities. The capacity determines the number of eggs the incubator can hold. Our company specializes in supply of egg incubators with capacities of between 48 eggs and 5280 eggs. If you already know how many chicks you can manage, then it becomes very easy to narrow down the right incubator for you using the capacity.

While choosing the capacity it is important to remember that egg incubators do not achieve 100% hatch rate. Therefore, remember to put the hatch rate in consideration when approximating how many chicks will hatch. The cost of egg incubators in Kenya varies with the capacity. Big incubators cost more.

Egg turning

To incubate properly and have a good hatch rate, the eggs need to be turned at least three times a day throughout the incubation period but the last three days. One of the key decisions to make when choosing an egg incubator is the egg turning method. Egg incubators for sale in Kenya come in three types; manual egg turning, semi-automatic egg turning and fully automatic egg turning.

For the manual egg turning incubators, you have to turn the eggs one by one by hand. For the semi-automatic egg incubator, all the eggs are turned at the same time by moving the incubator or with the push or pull of a rod. For the fully automatic incubators, the eggs turned automatically by the egg incubator without any input from your side. You only need to set the machine and it does the rest of the work for you until incubation. Fully automatic incubators are the most expensive of the three.


There are many brands of egg incubators you will find available for sale in Kenya. Some brands are definitely better than others but you wouldn’t know which is which without some guidance. You can ask for recommendations from friends or inquire about the performance of the incubator from the supplier. Pay attention to critical components like heating elements, efficiency of the incubator, the build, fans and other features.

We are specialists of the best egg incubators in Kenya. Our incubators are common all over the country and favorites of both small scale and intensive poultry farmers because they do not disappoint. They are made to last and made with your business in mind. The heating elements are modern and only use so little power to produce enough warmth for the incubator. What’s more they come with powerful yet efficient fans that ensure proper control of heat and humidity in the incubator for a high hatch rate.


Another important feature you need to consider is how the incubator can be powered. Usually, egg incubators are powered by electricity. But the biggest expense for operating the incubator is the power expenses and reducing the expenses means more profit for you. It is therefore important to check that the incubator can be powered by other means.

Solar powered egg incubators have become a norm as many farmers make the move to cleaner energy. With a solar egg incubator, the power bills are kept at a minimum since you only use electricity when you ran out of solar power. Solar egg incubators also allow use of direct current (DC) so they can be operated using batteries. As such, these incubators can be used in remote areas of the country that are not connected to the main grid.

What about the solar incubator price in Kenya?

The best thing about solar incubators is they cost just the same as the electricity incubators because the ability to use solar comes as an add-on therefore it doesn’t cost the manufacturer more to produce.

Extra features

Just like with any other tech dependent devices, egg incubators come with a variety of features that are manufacturer specific. Some come antimicrobial plastics, precise humidity controls, and different cooling options. If you budget allows then you can upgrade to these extra features. However, when you get the basics right, you will invest in an incubator that will serve you well and for long.

Where to buy incubators in Kenya?

Purchasing an incubator is a serious investment for any poultry farmer. It is therefore essential that you choose a supplier that walks the journey with you. As recommended suppliers of the brands of incubators we stock, we offer our farmers unparalleled after sales support. We offer free training on how to use the incubator and make the best of it. Our products come with industry leading warranties and we give our clients free accessories and spare parts. What’s more, delivery is free countrywide.

Your search for egg incubators for sale in Kenya, ends here. We are very well positioned to supply you with the right incubator for your needs and help you take full advantage of it. Contact us now if you have any inquiries about egg incubators.